Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hassellhoff Boot Scotty
After lots of depressing posts, I came across somthing cheering: reviews on of Hassellhoff's greatest hits album:

Reviewer: Al-Zarquarwi (Baghdad, Iraq) - See all my reviews
I used to be an Iraqi insurgent but after attacking and blowing up the lastest road block I stumbled upon what I can only describe as nirvana - David al-Haselhoff's greatest hits. Why oh why was this walking god amongst men not sent to us before? When I played it on a looted stereo I was instantly struck by the melodies that could only have been sent to earth by angels, I was sent into a frenzy of excitation that could only be previously achieved by shooting Americans.

I have now given up my bloody resistance and have pledged to become German.

The track 'Hot Shot City' is particularly good.

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Reviewer: Lech (Poland) - See all my reviews
Here in Poland, David not wellknown famous person. Baywatch not on our television sets because we have no beaches in Poland. Shipyards, yes - beaches, no. Some smuggle in betatapes of the show and people meet and watch together and cheer when David lifesaves. One day, people accidentally smuggle musictape instead. We all listen and start crazydancing. Now we are planning on defecting so we can go to America and dance all day to David. Only bad thing : my girlfriend in love with David. She says he has sexy tan. I love him too, but in different way.

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Reviewer: Rockin Rachel - See all my reviews

Me and my man were cruising for a real romantic night on the town. We had left our 14 children with their grandfather, all though he has also a father to 2 of them...but thats another story. We headed to the local Walmart for our big date in our Chevy.

Had a little problem with opening the door cause Randy had padlocked it shut to keep the Racoons out of the door while it was in the trailer park. When we got to Walmart, Randy took me to the music counter for a big surprise. He had pre ordered a copy of David Hasselhoffs best of album. I was so excited I thought I would pee. Sadly, due to a little problem with Walmarts pre order system, they had forgotten to place it on their list and they had sold all 5 copies they had brought in within 2 months. I was devastated. However, Randy made it up to me by taking me to Dunkin donuts. It was the best night ever! I think I am now pregnant with my 15th child - who I am going to call David in honour of the Master!!! Hot Shot City is our theme song! Go the leather panted David!!

PS:Since I wrote this review I have given birth to a lovely little girl we honour with the name David.

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Who de man! The Hoff is!

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Reuben Woods said...

cheers anarchist 606.
Just read your link to the david hasselhoff review and it kept me and sal entertained for hours.
Reuben Woods