Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thoughts on London Attacks
Not feeling much like doing any work, I have just popped into Broadmead to get a pasty and seen the body-armored coppers deployed to close the stable door now the horse has bolted. Its hard not to feel depressed by the bombings in London, for many reasons. First any of us might know somebody effected by it – I, like many, have friends in London and don’t know yet if they are all ok. Chances are they were not hit, but you worry anyway. Then there is the fact that so many ordinary people will be affected by the attacks – whether wounded, grieving or simply terrified. The group who carried out the attack explained, in their own moronic flawed logic, that they have 'punished' the UK government. Well news flash – by killing ordinary people you have not punished the government – you have helped them. Bliar was having trouble getting ID cards through – I bet he has no problems now. Bush was facing a damaging media spotlight on his refusal to do anything about climate change – this is a good day to bury that bad news.

I have heard media commentators say that now is not the time to ask why, but to look to help the wounded and the bereaved. I do feel for those caught up in this madness. But its hard, as you see four hulking coppers pass by the Odeon, not to wonder how much of the UKs limited intelligence resources have been squandered not in fighting al-Qaeda, but in securing oil for Bush’s buddies.

Ever get the feeling we are but pawns in a brutal game of world-Chess?

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