Monday, March 06, 2006

The Problem With Tessa
The Tessa Jowell thing has had lots of comment and verbage pured over it during the last few days. While I would consider the revelations over death squads in Iraq or the growing rebellion in the Philippines to be far more deserving of the column inches and airtime, there is something about the who thing that draws you in. Tessa's posse were on the today program defending her talking about a media witch hunt and how she has shown to have done nothing wrong. She may not have within the rules, but the spirit of what she has done shows the Labour Party for what it has become. Where the party was once the people who took a rent strike from a few streets to a city wide protest; "Private enterprise has broken down in its attempt to meet the needs of the people" to today where the party consists of a sizable number of MPs with property portfolios who receive hundreds of thousands of pounds in 'gifts' from right wing politicians. (Speaking of payments; some poor guy in the US pays his credit card bill and gets reported to homeland security!) The party is one of a business class pleading the case for soft management of the proles and no longer has any connection to reality. They have become the political version of Sting sings songs about being ripped off by his accountant; songs that no longer speaks to the masses.

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