Saturday, September 30, 2006

Post GoatLab Goating

I went to the hospital yesterday to see a consultant to be told that I have got pulsatile tinnitus – where I can hear and kind whooshing of blood in my ear. Sometimes is can be quite loud and irritating. A friend told me that one form of treatment to to have sound at a set frequency to drown out the tinnitus. I guess this is like fighting fire with fire.

Well last night my tinnitus got the crap kicked out of it. No whooshing, all rocking full on sounds instead! I was supposed to wear ear plugs last night to take the edge of the speakers, but I forgot to put them in and instead my ears were treated by a musical barrage of the finest nature for which I am glad to risk impending damage.

Big Joan's set was amazing – the sound resonating across the space. It was an intimate space for such a full sound and it was a joy. Gusset's set was a top mix of tunes that got the crowd bouncing. Jay Nom stormed it. MAIOF rocked out in his own inimitable style. Floorclearer was in top form climbing on the DJ desk to extort the crowd to higher states of metal consciousness with chant's of "Slayer! Slayer! Slayer!" Sickboy and Bong-Ra's Servants of the Apocalypitc Goat Rave was a top piece of gabba-jungle-mash performance. A stunning UK debut for the project. ...and Parasite's set at the end of the night was wikid, wikid!! All in all a good crowd up for it. Special mention to the two guys in goatwear – you guys rock!!!

Forward, fellow goathearders, to the goat future on 1st December!

From the night...
Gusset's Set

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