Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Tube...

Just getting into YourTube, and here's a bit of what's on my tube...

Refuse/Resist by the youth wing of Sepultura - great fun!

Drumcorps-02-04-06 (get ready for GoatLab!!! 1st Dec )

Venetian Snares @ BGMW-XIV - Live and lov'in it!

The Assdroids-snakes & ladders video ????

PS. Also please sign the petition!

We believe that after two hung juries – which are failures of the government to prove their case – that the it should end its persecution of the 5 Fairford protesters who tried to stop the war crimes of aerial bombardment of civilian areas during the Iraq war. The Fairford protesters were acting out of a human concern for the civilians of Iraq and morally (as well as legally) did a brave action.

The Fairford protesters are people who were arrested while trying to disarm USAF B52 bombers stationed at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire before the attack on Iraq in March 2003. They are nonviolent and accountable, attempting to prevent the deaths of innocent Iraqis in an illegal war.

Bliar should be in the dock!

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