Monday, December 11, 2006

Bristolian goes on the Attack

I was flicking through the TV on Saturday night when I settled on More4 to watch historian David Starky's current affairs discussion show 'Starkey's Last Word' (you can see the show by going to and clicking on the link '6 Dec: The Iraq Study Group') and to my surprise and anticipation he announced his line up of guests as Harriet Harman (Neo-Labour, Minister for Constitutional Affairs) Ed Vaizey (Tory shadow arts minister) and Ian Bone, anarchist! Bone is the co-founder of Class War, editor of the Bristolian, Vote Nobody organiser and now author of the excellent 'Bash the Rich'. The show was great fun. I bet they put Bone on it anticipating some sparks – and he did not disappoint. They sat him between Harman and Vaisey and their body language suggested that they were a bit uncomfortable with a commoner in their midst. After giving the other two a chance to give their point of view on the debarkle of Iraq, Starkey turned to Bone for his option and the Bristolain let rip;

"I've got a three point solution that would get us out of this [Iraq] much quicker. [Bone counts 1 on his finger] We should get popular opposition to this war back on the streets. [2] We surround No.10 Downing Street on May Day and stay until Mr.Blair goes or ends the war a la Hezbolla, Lebanon. [3] The troops should come home, not wait to be ordered home by George Bush or Tony Blair, but just get on the plane and come home because all they are at the moment is just sitting ducks and aunt Sally's waiting to be shot at and these two... [points to Harman and Vaizey] ..should should be prosecuted for war crimes."

Fantastic! He's just said what I have longed for somebody to say on the Iraq issue. Yes! Bliar and his cronies in the dock! Indeed I would go further and suggest that a massive investigation into not just this war but all UK companies and politicians who supported Saddam at any point be dragged into the dock alongside Harman and Vaisey. Starkey must have agreed with much of Bone's statement as he went on to describe it as "devastating and largely accurate incitement." Shortly after Bone rounded on Harman;

Bone: "The problem here is that we still get these weasel words trying to justify.."
Harman: "It's not weasel words..."
Bone: "It is completely and utterly weasel're not thinking about saying sorry for the 650,000 dead, you're just thinking about justifying your position which was based on lies..."

Shortly after this Starkey had to reign Bone in. Harman looked very, very uncomfortable. Good. Discomfort is the least the political establishment deserve for their complicity in war crimes.

PS. Thanks to the Kebele people for putting on a good night out on Friday. If you missed it, it was their birthday party at the Black Swan and these was some fantastic music going down.

PPS. You've got a a couple of weeks left until the 22nd – the final date to make your views known on the climate-crime scene that may be the Bristol Airport Expansion – write or email to tell North Somerset Council to stop the madness. Responses to the public consultation held by North Somerset Council should be sent in time for the deadline of 22 December to: Kate Durston, Development Control, North Somerset Council, Somerset House, Oxford Street, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1TG. It is crucial to quote ref: 06/P/2701/MP and include your name and address. You can also email: , again giving the reference 06/P/2701/MP and your name and address. Alternatively, you can respond online through the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion website at:

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