Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bringing Iran into the War on Terror (TM)

The last post I wrote was about Somalia in the War on Terror (TM) - now to Iran, who the U$ and Neo-Labour are trying to bring into the game to join Somalia in the fray. There has been a steady drum-beat against Iran for some time now. Adding to the tension, Iran arrested 15 British Navy people. Iran says that were in it's waters and the UK says they were in Iraqi waters. Not sure who to believe as all governments lie, however at the moment I think Iran is probably telling the truth. Why do I think this? Because all the news reports state that the three UK vessels were surrounded by a larger number of larger Iranian vessels. This means that either the Iranians can enter Iraq waters undetected - home to the U$/UK Navies with the most advanced electronic detection equipment in the world plus with huge amounts of air and satellite cover and kidnap three boat loads of military people - I don't think so - or that the UK Navy had slipped into Iranian waters.

On the subject of Iran, this article is worth reading - about Iran and the media coverage of the issues...

Frank Barnaby, of UK think tank The Oxford Research Group, said last year:

"They [the Iranians] don't currently have enough centrifuges working - so far as we know - to produce significant amounts of highly-enriched uranium or even enriched uranium. They would need a lot more." (Sarah Buckley and Paul Rincon, ‘Iran “years from nuclear bomb“,', January 12, 2006)

Given these and other problems, The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) believes it would take Iran at least a decade to produce enough high-grade uranium to make a single nuclear weapon. Dr Barnaby agrees:

"The CIA says 10 years to a bomb using highly enriched uranium and that is a reasonable and realistic figure in my opinion."

So why, one really ought to ask, the sense of imminent crisis?

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