Sunday, May 27, 2007

Policing Priorities in the War on(of) Terror (TM)

It is often the case that you hear of a disproportionate use of state resources. So the cops in Bath spend thousands stopping a climate camp, the state spends millions trying to jail five peace protesters – and remember we are supposed to be in the grip of a tooth-and-nail fight for survival with Islamic radicals, so why is it that 20 cops have been diverted from other crimes to see if a Scottish socialist (or his wife) might have lied in a trial about who he might not (or might) have been having sex with:

Detectives are investigating whether the wife of Tommy Sheridan, the former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, committed perjury during his high-profile libel trial against the News of the World....Yesterday, police confirmed that they have stepped up their inquiry, bringing in 20 officers, whose tasks include combing through statements made by Gail Sheridan in Edinburgh's High Court last August. The News of the World was ordered to pay Mr Sheridan £200,000 after it claimed that he was a serial adulterer who hung out in swingers' clubs and took part in orgies.

20 cops!!! For fucks sake, you've got the rape conviction rate in the dumps, politicians committing war crimes and the state puts 20 cops onto a perjury case? I guess the fact that the guy in question does not believe in the neo-liberal war on terror and won in court against one of Mrdoch's papers is an issue worth 20 cops.

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