Monday, June 18, 2007

Slash Blair

If you know HTML, aka Hyper Text Markup Language, the language used to write web pages, you will know what the 'slash' code is. It means what you are doing has come to an end. So if you were to write < B > it would signal the beginning of a bold section of text. The slash 'B' as in < / B > would signal the end of the bold text. In HTML you place inside the tags what is related, for example the text you wish to made bold. 1997 was the beginning of the Blair phase; < Blair > and now we are at the end of the Bliar phase; < / Blair >

We can place Bliar's crumbling legacy inside these tags;

< Blair >
Civil war in Iraq.
Massive rise in use on con-sultants and private sector in public life.
Growing insurgency and civilian casualties in Afghanistan.
Ongoing dirty war in Colombia.
US does not sign up to Kyoto.
G8 reneges on promises to act on global poverty.
Palestinian hopes crushed in civil war.
< / Blair >

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