Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Wrong Verdict

The six trial of the Fairford Five ended on Friday with a shocking verdict of 'guilty'. I think lots of people had high hopes that following five not-guilty or hung verdicts, that this trial would also end with a glimmer of justice. Not so. On the day the foreman of the jury read out the decision, I read of the ongoing (and sadly 'normal') cacophony of violence that continues to engulf Iraq, including five people shot execution style in different parts of the Baghdad, a mortar killing seven members of the same family and a U.S. soldier dying of wounds. One post on Bristol Indymedia summed it up best;

It is simply wrong that these two have been found guilty, when those who have unleased a war that has killed over 650,000 are not in jail. This is around 100,000 to 200,000 more than Saddam killed during his war of terror. Blair, Brown and all the New Labour people who supported this war should be in the dock not Margret and Paul. This is decision of injustice.

I could not agree more: Stop the Legal Persecution of the Fairford Five - sign here:

On a lighter note (and to keep your sanity...) the 19th sees the Premiere of 'Summer Job' shot in Bristol by local filmmakers. Should be fun and Vialka on the 24th - both at the Cube. Click for full listing.

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