Sunday, November 11, 2007

Maori Resistance and the War of Terror

I read an article in the Guardian recently about a group of Maori's who were arrested under a giant terrorist sweep:

Sixteen people are on trial in Auckland district court following the raids, the culmination of a year-long police undercover operation that involved up to 300 officers and was centred on the isolated North Island hamlet of Ruatoki, gateway to the Urewera mountains that are home to the fiercely independent Tuhoe tribe. The raids followed sightings of "armed men in camouflage and balaclavas moving through forests carrying heavy packs and firearms". There are unconfirmed claims that among the weapons seized was a napalm bomb, or perhaps some molotov cocktails, and rumours that the prime minister, Helen Clark, may have been a target

It all sounds very dramatic and seems to follow the pattern of similar UK raids that were all hype and no substance; the duff Forest Gate raid the so-called ricin plot and so on - the War of Terror gone mad (or exploited for political reasons). Thanks to Indymedia New Zealand we are able to find out loads more about this case and how it has panned out, and yes, so far the 'terrorism' looks like all smoke and mirrors:

At a press conference broadcast live on radio new zealand, solicitor-general David Collins has announced his decision denying a police request to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act. This means that none of the 17 people arrested in so-called "terror raids" will be charged under the terrorism act. The solicitor general had access to police evidence which has not been made public. Although he stated that the police had 'acted properly' in their investigation, he denied the request to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

The War of Terror has always had a duplicitous and insidious hidden agenda of geo-strategic control and this is now becoming increasingly clear - it is a War on Democracy, for example we see Musharraf in Pakistan, our ally, arresting democracy supporters under the guise of 'combating extremism', given the billions of dollars he receives in military aid, his move could not have happened without some form of complicity.

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Rush Limbaugh said...

Interesting posts...Keep up the good work.

--Rush Limbaugh

Anonymous said...


So "terrorism is the poor man´s war,
And war the rich man´s terrorism"--this
Provides a clarity to metaphor
Which our petty dictators often miss:

For "terrorism" as a word
Will bandy men about
In any circumstance, allured
By vagueness, whereby clout
Unto their aims may be conferred,
Without a lot of doubt.

If war is but the rich man´s terrorism,
While terrorism war that is the poor man´s,
So ideologically one notes a schism
As to explain uniqueness of performance.

Eppure si muove--so it is
Ideas can also move,
Though words sometimes are called remiss
When they "fit like a glove,"
And thank--for this analysis--
Sir Peter Ustinov.