Monday, February 04, 2008

Pick of the Day, 4th Feb 08

A few links and articles that might be of interest...

First, Welcome to the Petrocalypse:

The economic bubble that lifted the stock market to dizzying heights was sustained as much by cheap oil as by cheap (often fraudulent) mortgages. Likewise, the collapse of the bubble was caused as much by costly (often imported) oil as by record defaults on those improvident mortgages. Oil, in fact, has played a critical, if little commented upon, role in America’s current economic enfeeblement — and it will continue to drain the economy of wealth and vigor for years to come.

Second, air-power in Iraq; How the U$A can drop a staggering 100,000 lbs of bombs on a small community and the media relegate it to a footnote:

But the major bombing story of these last days - those 100,000 pounds of explosives that U.S. planes dropped in a small area south of Baghdad - simply dangled unexplained off the far end of the Los Angeles Times piece; while, in the New York Times, it was buried inside a single sentence....For those who know something about the history of air power, which, since World War II, has been lodged at the heart of the American Way of War, that 100,000 figure might have rung a small bell...On April 27, 1937, in the midst of the Spanish Civil War (a prelude to World War II), the planes of the German Condor Legion attacked the ancient Basque town of Guernica...The Germans reputedly dropped about 50 tons or 100,000 pounds of explosives on the town.

Third, U$A vs U$A as the CIA takes on the Drug Enforcement Agency:

The DEA and its predecessor federal drug law enforcement organizations have always been infiltrated and, to varying degrees, managed by America's intelligence agencies. The reason is simple enough: the US Government has been protecting its drug smuggling allies, especially in organized crime, since trafficking was first criminalized in 1914.

Finally, the Bristol Indymedia site has been re-vamped! Check it out...

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