Friday, June 06, 2008

Irony Overload

Clarion Events (hosts of The Baby Show) recently bought the rights to DSEi, yes the life-affirming Defence Systems and Equipment International, aka the world's biggest arms fair.

And remember how the fight in Iraq is for democracy and how the US handed power over to Iraqi's? Ironic then...

The intrepid Patrick Cockburn reveals that the White House is more or less blackmailing the Iraqi government into signing a security pact with George W. Bush. At stake is $50 bn. of Iraqi money held in the US Federal Reserve, at least $20 bn. of which could be lost to Iraq if the government of Nuri al-Maliki declines to sign on the dotted line. Cockburn also reveals that the Iraqis wanted to diversify their receipts from oil sales away from dollar holdings into euros, and that the Americans vetoed the move. Bush wants 50 bases in Iraq and the prerogative of the US military to act unilaterally and with impunity inside the country.


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