Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Food for Thought

Couple of interesting posts on Ian Bone's blog...

"We anarchists are rootless and incapable of reaching out beyond our comfort zones……. Like the Left we remain ’severed from the common culture of the country’ as Orwell so accurately put it. Until we connect with it - the everyday life experience of our class - we may as well drift up the Medway or any old shit creek."


"Ian,I for one,totally agree with everything you have said.You only have to look at some of the replies to your rant to see how out of touch a lot of anarchists are.The problem with most revolutionaries -myself included in my own way-is that we have liberated ourselves, at least mentally-from capitalist culture to such a degree,that in the process,we have become distanced from the mass of people we most need to activate politically. You’ve bought this up before Ian,but until we TRUELY come up with some realistic ideas of our own,that both give people hope,AND confront social problems now with some sort of immediately implementable solutions,we will be playing ‘knee-jerk- reaction politics and chasing our own tails forever.."


Anonymous said...

fucking tall order though isn't it?

anarchist said...