Thursday, January 29, 2009

Religious Wars Coming to Bristol

A couple of very exciting talks (for free!!) as part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas wroth checking out (hat-tip to Mike for this info...)

Michael Shermer
Why Darwin Matters: The Case for Evolution and Against Intelligent Design
In association with the University of Bristol
3 February 09, 18.00-19.00
Wills Memorial Building, Bristol


Daniel C Dennett (who wrote the amazing book 'Darwin's Dangerous Idea')
What does my body need ME for? The role of human intelligence
A University of Bristol Centenary Lecture
20 March 09, 18.00-19.00
Wills Memorial Building, Bristol

Both of particular interest following the decision in the past to invite a proponent of ID along...

On the subject - over in the US, the Mormons have concentration camps for naughty teens..

"I can hurt you without leaving any marks," Brent growled as I writhed in agony on the ground. I struggled for breath as he mounted my back, put his finger in my mouth, and pulled back on my cheek, fish-hooking me. The pain was incredible. I tried to beg him to stop, but the words would not come. After he finished beating and bludgeoning submissiveness into me, he pulled me up by the rope that was lassoed around my waist. The wool army blanket I had fashioned as a skirt had shifted askew and I stood there in my boxers bleeding from my nose, humiliated.

Might want to mention that next time you see 'em when passing though Broadmead...

And in the very entertaining global warming debate on Bristol Indymedia, the denialists have started using Pravda - the Russian state propaganda newspaper that loves UFO stories and a US Republican Senator who thinks the earth is only 10,000 years old and does not believe in evolution - this is what they are citing to back their claims on global warming!!!

You couldn't make it up...

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