Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Best described as sounding like an angry robot gorilla being crushed through a mangle."

Got emailed this and it looks very interesting...

As ever we've lots happening and it can be broken down into 5 parts...

(part 1) Live - Mt. + Dead Maids + Constellations - Fri 6th Mar @ The Cube Cinema.
(part 2) Live - Lakes + bIRdbATh + tbc - Thur 16th Apr @ The Mothers Ruin.
(part 3) New release - Bobbys Beard - Debut album.
(part 4) New release - Cowman - 'Palpating the Rumen'
(part 5) For future release.

(part 1) Ingue Records presents, Live at The Cube Cinema

Mt combine delicate guitar melodies with huge, powerfully pulsating crescendos and take the listener on a refreshingly interesting and intricate musical voyage. Two years on from their last live appearance and Mt. are preparing to grace the stage once again to coincide with the release of the their new E.P "Teach Your Children How To Think, Not What To Think" (ConSouling Sounds)
Dead Maids are Baths finest instrumental Post/Rock band playing paced and thoughtful riffs with a big sound.
Constellations is a soundscape solo artist described in a BBC review as 'awesome polyphony, cinematic, eerie, and melancholic'

Friday 6th March at The Cube Cinema, 4 Princess Row, Bristol, BS2 8NQ. 0117 907 4190.

(part 2) Ingue Records presents, Live at The Mothers Ruin

Lakes have been around for a while, they've released music through Signature Tune, Scaredy Cat and Unlabel. They're Punk and Rock and in your face if your anywhere near enough to witness.
bIRdbATh are Bristols angular math rockers. 'At once laden with emotion yet as cold and sparse as Arctic tundra. Spiky but strangely comforting, like being attacked by a duvet. It's a hazy, smoky, stoned mash of everything from Mogwai and Shellac to Sonic Youth but rarely anything but itself.' (New-noise)

Thursday 16th of April at The Mothers Ruin 7-9 St Nicholas St, Bristol. BS1 1UE. 0117 925 6969

(part 3) New Ingue Records release - Debut album from Bobbys Beard

We'd describe it as a laid back summer soundtrack and if Brian Wilson was a computer he'd probably sound like this.
Available to buy in 2 weeks time. £4 offline and £5 from

(part 4) Another New Ingue Records release - Cowman - 'Palpating the Rumen'

Best described as sounding like an angry robot gorilla being crushed through a mangle. Industrial Grindcore, Cowman is not for the faint of heart.
Available to buy in 3 weeks time. £4 offline and £5 from

(part 5) For future release.......eta summer time

Fringes bring you their long awaited, eagerly anticipated debut ep/mini album.

Hreda will be bringing their 2nd ep, this time on 7" vinyl.

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