Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Major Denier Outpost Admits Global Warming is Real

One of the memes you see a lot with deniers is that the whole human-caused global warming edifice is about to crumble. That dissent amongst the scientists is growing and the evidence against it is growing. It's all falling apart. Any moment now...

Any moment...

But it never seems to happen. Indeed the opposite seems to be the case; more and more evidence accumulates, our understanding of the climate system grows. Here's a few sample famous 'about-turns':

- In 2006 US Republican strategist Frank Luntz who had written the playbook on global warming denial for George Bush, conceded that the science was correct.

- Also in 2006 Michael Shermer, editor of Sceptic Magazine said that as a sceptic, he could no longer deny the truth of global warming.

- In 2008 Exxon, who've been funding denial for decades, conceded it was wrong before.

And now, the Canadian newspaper, the National Post, a bastion of anti-environmental, pro-big business - has had to concede to the evidence; that global warming is real and humans are causing it.

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