Monday, November 16, 2009

Freedom from Criticism

The right like to present itself as the guardians of this nebulous term, 'freedom' - so it is funny to see them using dodgy copyright laws to stifle criticism of them. The same legal method (crying 'copyright violation') that global warming denialist Watts used is now being used by Murdoch's Fox News;

An anonymous reader alerts us to the story that Fox News has sent a series of DMCA takedown notices to YouTube for a guy who's been putting up clips that have been popular among the "liberal" blogworld. Now, there's an open question as to whether or not these clips are fair use -- but even if we assume that they are infringing, there's an interesting element to this. They only targeted the guy who posts clips that liberal blogs are using. There are tons of other clips that conservative blogs use -- and those remained up. ... Update: Amusing. After all this started getting attention, Fox News decided to send takedowns for other content as well. Looks like once it was clear how bad this look, it realized it needed to take down the others as well.

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