Tuesday, June 01, 2010

EDL Cancel Demo to Oppose New Mosque

The EDL - who seem to portray all Muslims as radical Muslims (see the recent Beeb documentary) have cancelled a demo to oppose the building of the new mosque - when they found out that the majority of people opposing it were.... Muslims...
The controversial English Defence League have called off a planned demonstration against a proposed mosque in Walsall after learning that the biggest single group opposed to the scheme are Muslims. George Makin reports.

The anti-Islamic EDL had announced they would hold a demonstration on June 19 against a scheme to build a new place of worship in Vicarage Close which had previously been denied planning permission by the Walsall council. Proposers of the development have announced their intention to appeal the decision.

The EDL’s proposed demonstration led to a joint statement by the leaders of all three party leaders on Walsall council, fearful of a repeat of violent clashes which have occurred at other EDL events, that the rightwing group was not wanted in the town.

During negotiations with police EDL organiser were surprised to learn the original planning application had been opposed by many Muslims in Walsall who claim there are enough mosques in the borough already.

Note to EDL - Islam; It's a bit more complicated than that.

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