Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Monkton: Waht a massive, massive, massive co**

Yes indeed. Just when you thought stupid could not get any more stupid, Viscount Monkton comes along and ups the stupidity. Here's the back-story: Monkton is a classic scholar who fancies himself as an amateur climatologist. He's uncovered the Marxist plot behind climate science and has set about debunking it - except that somebody who knows the area (a real scientist, Dr. John Abraham) bothered to fact-check his Lairdship's presentation and found it to be full of shit - in fact there was so much shit there was nothing else.

Now Monkton has hilariously replied...
John Abraham, a lecturer in fluid mechanics at a bible-college in Minnesota has recently issued – and widely disseminated – a hilariously mendacious 83-minute attempted rebuttal of a speech by me about the climate last October in St. Paul, Minnesota. ... Here’s the thing. All of the sciences are becoming increasingly specialized. So most “scientists” – Abraham and, a fortiori, the accident-prone Monbiot among them – have no more expertise in predicting or even understanding the strange behavior of the complex, non-linear, chaotic object that is the Earth’s climate than the man on the Clapham omnibus.

Ooooooo slap my thigh! So Monkton is saying that his critic is not qualified nor expereinced enough to argue with the Vicount. He is.

So get this; Monkton thinks that Dr. John Abraham can't understand the complxities of climate science because he's not got enough expertise - yet Monkton can understand it because he's an expert in... well he's studied classics and invented a puzzle game. He advised Thatcher on science and she was one of the first world leaders to warn of the danugers of AGW and he also proposed an unworkable solution to AIDS; yeah! So put that in your pipe and smoke it Dr pointy-head-PhD man!

Dr. John Abraham replies:
Climate processes involve radiation, convection, and conduction heat transfer. In addition, fluid mechanics governs the flow of the atmosphere and the oceans. Chemistry is critical to understanding chemical reactions which take place in both the oceans and the atmosphere. Quantum mechanics deals with the interaction of airborne molecules and photons (radiation). Geology and its related subjects are important for many reasons, including the study of past climate (paleoclimatology). Skills in numerical simulation are essential for the creation and operation of models which allow scientists to predict climate change. There are other subspecialties which are also important; this is only a partial list.

I am a tenured professor at the University of St. Thomas, a private, Catholic university in Minnesota. I have taught courses in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, numerical simulation, and thermodynamics. Topics in my courses include radiation, convection, and conduction, the same physical processes which govern energy flows in the climate. My PhD thesis dealt with combined convection and radiation heat transfer. My thesis is held in the library at the University of Minnesota, it is available to the public.

My published works span many topics including convective heat transfer, radiative heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and numerical simulation. My work on numerical simulation is at the very forefront of computational fluid dynamic (cfd) modeling. I am an expert in non-linear fluid simulations. My background does not span the entire range of topics related to climate change (no one is able to claim this), it does cover many of the essential subtopics.

What a cheese-end Monkton is.

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