Friday, June 11, 2010

Extremism is Nasty

In all it's forms. Here, for example, we see pro-Israeli protesters behaving as a mixture of creepy toughing perverts and/or aggressive bone-heads as they demand that the IDF kill more people and chant "death to the leftists". Charming. Such a friendly bunch of democratic people, can't imagine how the world perceives Israel to be a rogue state... (and during the protest the cop sits there and does fuck all while the pro-Israeli protesters get nastier and nastier.

Remember all that killing and destruction the IDF does is to protect the world from extremist Islam... Ooops. Forgot about the home-grown extremists...

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Anonymous said...

Extremism is very nasty, it's an odd thing though how it only seems to be Israeli extremism (of which there is a great deal) that makes it onto some web sites