Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Telegraph Pulls Blog Failing to Toe the Party Line

Global Warming is a huge conspiracy and is not really happening. It's a Marxist Green Lobby plot. The earth is not warming and even if it is, it's not warming much so don't worry. But it's not warming, it's cooling so worry about that. But even if it warming it would be the sun doing the extra warming and not us, no way sir-e. At least that is the party-line in Telegraph-land. A true blue land of hope and glory and alternative rules of science.

Now, in Telegraph-land, the debate on climate change is over - it's not real (see above) but the debate is ongoing - and the evil Marxists Green Lobby are stifling debate.

Except that one of it's writers - had the audacity to speak freely:
Lord Monckton is a fantasist, a blethering popinjay useful only for amusement. He can be safely ignored in all serious scientific debate. But it reflects badly on those people who want seriously to argue against the science of climate change that this capering jester is among the public figureheads of their movement. If I were, for example, m’colleagues James Delingpole or Christopher Booker, I would publically wash my hands of Lord Monckton, and soon.

But now the post has gone from the Telegraph - go to the original link - and you'll just get the message:
Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

Ooops. What is going on? Additional comments below the original post noted that Monckton had phoned the paper to complain about the article. And now it's gone. Airbrushed out of the site like a Soviet clean-up propaganda operation - no sign of it on the author's page. Still the memory hole that is the web means it is gone and yet not gone. And now it's removal is it's own story.


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