Thursday, December 30, 2004

I have just finished reading 'Welcome to the Machine' by Derrick Jensen and George Draffan. Excelent book with much in it to think about. Heres a sample:

"A high ranking security chief from South Africa's apartheid regime later told an interviewer what had been his greatest fear about the rebel group African National Congress (ANC). He had not so much feared the ANC's acts of sabotage or violence - even when these were costly to the rulers - as he had feared that the ANC would convince too many of the oppressed majority of Africans to disregard 'law and order'. Even the most powerful and highly trained 'security forces' in the world would not, he said, have been able to stem that threat. As soon as we come to see that the edicts of those in power, that they carry no inherent moral or ethical weight, we become the free human beings we were born to be, capable of saying yes and capable of saying no."

Plus the new book from the CrimethInc collective 'Recipes for Disaster' is out. Worth checking out!

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