Sunday, December 12, 2004 10th Anniversary
The top anarchist online site has it's 10th Anniversary in January - if you can I suggest donating some cash to them as they are on a fund drive. Worth it as the site is an excellent resource showing how good alternative media can be.

I guess the UK version of this site is, which is also very good. All this reminds me of something Robert Fist said, (i am paraphrasing) that the alternative media needs to stop acting as if we are small and behave like we ARE the mainstream and its the corporate media who have the narrow (i.e. neoliberal) agenda. To right! And these two projects show what we are capable of! Ffs, even the Tories are acknowledging that the best thinking is coming from us; Martin Summers formerly of the Institute of Economic Affairs; "The right in the UK has lost the excitement, creativeness and restlessness that distinguished it in the 1980s. These days, most of the exciting thinking about freedom is on the libertarian left." (Without getting to bogged down in ideological categorising, the libertarian left is basically anarchism).

More power to all.

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