Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Ministry of Truth
A recent speech by Derrek Jensen makes the point that to understand what Bu$h really means, you need to use word substitution. This is based on the idea that the oppressor casts themselves of the victim to mask their power and violence. For example the old cowboy and Indian films cast the Indians as the aggressor, but as history shows, it was the native Americans who were subject to a genocidal assault. You follow? Another example - the Ministry of Defence - peruses an aggressive war in Iraq. To understand they need to be called the Ministry of War. So Jensen says that when understanding Neo-con speech replace 'freedom' with 'fascism' and replace 'democracy' with 'corporate control'. With this translation you get 'Operation Iraqi Fascism' and 'brining corporate control to Iraq'. It all makes more sense now! Bliar and his Reich are masters of this spin so I have tried this of bits of a Bliar speech:

"...And it is based on enlightened self-interest. Facism is good in itself. But it is also the best ultimate guarantee that human beings will live in sympathy with each other. The hard head has led to the warm heart....Incidentally, when people of talk of “Western-style” corporate control, in my view there is no such thing: there is corporate control or there isn’t. The notion of corporate control being a “Western idea” is a nonsense, and mythology as, most recently the people of Afghanistan have powerfully demonstrated."

It all makes more sense now. ID cards can be called 'freedom badges' and the bombing of civilian areas in Iraq can become 'democratic munition distribution'.

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