Friday, April 07, 2006

While I do not doubt that many in the US war-machine would love to take a pop at Iran:

"It strikes me as very silly, this debate over whether or not the US will "attack" or "invade" Iran. We don't need to invade or attack; we are already at war with Iran. They know it, the Bush Administration knows it, the US military know it... Why don't you?"

But I think they have more plans to unfold in Iraq before they move on Iran. Under cover of the chaos over in Iraq the US seems to be trying to take out the Shia people it does not like.

In late march the US attacked Mustafa Husayniyah in Ur, a compound used by the DAWA party. Jaafari, the PM the US is trying to remove is from this party.

On Thursday the US helicopters brought a Marines unit to Karbala which arrested followers of Muqtada al-Sadr. (al-Zaman/ AFP report on Informed Comment)

Today the two factions are busy preparing for war; "The Mahdi Army, the Sadrist paramilitary, is stockpiling arms in expectation of an American attack on them in Najaf."

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