Friday, June 09, 2006

Uncovering al Zarqawi

Here's a few good sites for more information from the wires...

The "Elimination" of Zarqawi: A New Episode of the Media War
"Timing is everything. To the managers of the Iraq War, perception has always trumped reality. From the beginning it was a war of media stunts - the attempt to assassinate Saddam with 50 cruise missiles before the invasion, the Shock and Awe, the bringing down of the statues, Jessica Lynch, Saddam in the hole, the purple-fingered Iraqi voters and many other events staged for media consumption."

Zarqawi Killed in Baquba
"...that groups in Fallujah have launched attacks on Zarqawi followers there after the latter attacked the al-Husain Mosque in the Askari quarter two days ago, destroying the tomb of the founder of the mosque within it. (Salafis influenced by Saudi Wahhabism despise attendance at saints tombs, insisting on a Protestant-like elimination of all intermediaries between human beings and God. Many Islamists in Fallujah are actually Sufis, who value saints in the way rural Catholics do.)"

Al Zarqawi reported killed (Again)
"Despite his reportedly having been killed at least twice in the past it is being reported by major news sources that Al Zarqawi has been killed by a US airstrike in Baghdad. This time the reports have Zarqawi’s death as 'for sure' and 'definitely' confirmed. It has yet to be seen if Zarqawi will rise from the dead again, as he has in the past, further exercising the magical powers..."

Zarqawi's end is not a famous victory, nor will it bring Iraq any nearer to peace (not a free article, but good!)
"So, it's another 'mission accomplished'. The man immortalised by the Americans as the most dangerous terrorist since the last most dangerous terrorist, is killed - by the Americans. A Jordanian corner-boy who could not even lock and load a machine gun is blown up by the US Air Force - and Messrs Bush and Blair see fit to boast of his demise. To this have our leaders descended. And how short are our memories."

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