Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Venn Festival High'n'Lowlights

Venn Highlights:

Team Brick playing (what looked like) a CD rack – Gotta love the experimental, after all this is Venn. While this is was never going to end on Top of the Pops or being feted by NME, it was a glorious mash-up of noise and great fun. Its free jazz without the jazz and pomposity. Its Frank Zappa with tourette's. Its bash'n'roll. I'd just like to see somebody book Team Brick for a wedding...

Vialka – Where the f**k do they find these people? When they arrived, there was this crazy tattooed guy and this demure, awkward looking woman that I assumed was the girlfriend of a performer. Then they got on stage and...well fuck me if she's not one of the most amazing drummers and performers I've seen. They play this kind of random rock, which was pretty good, but she was the star. She played the drums with her whole body, smashing the thing for dear life. Suddenly she would jump up, off the stage and start to play the crowd with her whole body. Pretty amazing stuff.

Venn Lowlights:

Immigration Service – Not a band but the actual Immigration Service; the fucking bastards deported a third of DJ Rupture project, Nettle. Thanks a fucking bunch.

Cobra Killer – This was the main act I wanted to see. Should have been Digital Hardcore fun, but instead the band threw a hissy fit over the hotel accommodation (apparently they don't do two star) and then fucked off after the sound check. Credit to Exile who filled in and did a great set. Warm sloppy poo to Cobra Killer for throwing their toys out of the pram; where's the fucking soul people? I thought the show had to go on? Apparently fucking not.

Venn Gutted I Missed:

Sgure - Binray told me about this trio. He said black metal on a laptop. I listened to the stuff on their site and I say, gutted I missed it.

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