Sunday, May 28, 2006


MP John McDonnell says that desertions from the UK armed forces have tripled in the last 3 years, which would correspond to the Iraq war period. The military deny this (well the would wouldn't they?) and say Iraq is not a factor. S-right. Sure, you don't think the prospect of being sent into a warzone where they are throwing severed heads from passing cars would put them off?


Anonymous said...

And strangely, Iraq looks like Green Acres when compared to some of the more nasty neighborhoods of South Africa. Does that make it good? Not my call.

Anonymous said...

And interestingly, I can't help but note the anti-capitalist notes around the webpage. Cute decor, or actually intended to be a plug-in to the anarchist ideology? Believe me, I'm not spamming you or anything, I agree with you more often than not, but I don't see how advocating distance from something whose conceptual core is in voluntary exchange is a productive step - and what, pray tell, is it a step towards?

anarchist said...

If you mean capitalism is a 'voluntary exchange' then I would disagree. At its core its an interest based system for valuing everything. It relies on constant input and subjugation of others and their resources - which is far from voluntary. We can see this in Iraq - before and after Saddam - resource based wars (Iraq/Iran War, Gulf War, Iraq War).