Friday, May 19, 2006

Fairford Ruled out of 'Operation Bomb Iran into Democracy'

The huge U$ airbase at Fairford, Gloucester has apparently been ruled out of the planning for an attack on Iran because of "...the UK’s opposition to military action against Tehran" – the article is not clear if this opposition is the government (though I doubt it as that seems to be why Jack Straw was given the boot, because he opposed war with Iran) or could it be that they fear the popular protest? Certainly during the Iraq war the base saw massive protests and it was clear the state was getting worried!

PS. It was pointed out to me that while the media might not look that hard at what is happening at Iraq, they looked even less at the recent revelation that 182,000,000 Africans are going to die due to global warming. This is more than any act of terror that I can conceive and should be front page news everywhere. But it's not. This should shame us all in the West.

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