Thursday, May 11, 2006

Iraq and Roll

An advisor the the US military, Ahmed Hashim, a professor at the Naval War College came out with some interesting stuff "We have a civil war right now, a low-level civil war...Our understanding of Iraq has advanced at a very glacial pace, and the only policy we really have in our hand right to leave...To stay in Iraq and to affect the situation in Iraq will require a kind of understanding at a level far deeper than we have..." This sounds a little to me like the guy is saying; 'you can't think like to need to think to win, all you can do is leave' This echos the writing of war-blogger, the War Nerd; "Most of all, people won't face the fact that guerrilla war is dirty by design. That's the whole idea: making the occupier so sick of you, so disgusted with what you do to him, and what he has to do to you, that he'll just go home. That's what happened to the French in Algeria, the Israelis in South Lebanon, and us in Nam. The idea of guerrilla war is as simple and horrible as eye-gouging: the locals care more about the place than the occupier, so they'll outlast him, out-atrocity him."

But remember - Bu$h, Bliar and the who rotten system are willing to fight to the last drop of other peoples blood to achieve a free market that they control in Iraq. That don't include leaving any time soon. Indeed not - currently they are looking for more war over the border in Iran. Bliar bounced Jack Straw out because he was not willing to go, 'GRRRRR' to Iran. Oh, and what fun war with Iran will be; "If you liked turning Sunni Muslims against us, you'll love turning Sunni and Shiite Muslims against us...If you thought things were bad now, wait till Iran retaliates against our air strikes by bombing Israel. When Israel strikes back, the whole Middle East will have to get sucked into the war. And then the fun really starts."


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