Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bristol Neo-Labour MPs and the War in Iraq

Following up from the article on how Bristol MPs voted on the recent push by parliment to inquire into the Iraq War, I was Looking a bit further into the subject. I searched the excellent site to see what some of them had to say on the subject of Iraq, as all of the MPs featured in this article supported the government in blocking the inquiry.

Bristol East's Kerry McCarthy is a good little Neo-Labour trooper, she has never rebeled against Neo-Labour in this parliament and Hansard (the record of who says what in parliament) has no record of her ever saying a word on Iraq. Nor is there a positive search result for Doug Naysmith, Labour Bristol North West for speeches on Iraq. He did vote on 18th March to say that the case for the war was not proven. However when the statement about WMDs was put to the vote asking MPs to find out why we were told that,
"..Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction capable of being used at 45 minutes' notice; further recalls the Government's contention that these weapons posed an imminent danger to the United Kingdom...notes that to date no such weapons have been found; and calls for an independent inquiry into the handling of the intelligence received.."
He voted to support Bliar. He also voted against the publishing of the Attorney-General's advice on the Iraq war. But on the killer vote: the declaration of war - he was absent. Nice one, Doug.

Then there is Dawn Primarolo, who was aka 'Red Dawn' but is now a fully signed up a Neo-Labour loyalist. Needless to say she voted for the war and has totally supported the government though and though. I guess she had faith in Bu$h and crew that a new Iraq would 'dawn'. She also has no words in the offical record on Iraq.

Mind you, Iraq is going so well, that they don't need to say much on the subject. I mean who would want to pipe up in parliment to ask about the between 46,863 civilain dead (minimum from and 665,000 (Lancet study, 200,000 of these due to coalition forces). We don't want to talk about that. We don't need to talk about Basra, the main city in the Brit-zone of Iraq, "Basra is now the most corrupt city in Iraq." (says Ed Harriman in the London Review of Books) That's a top acolade! Anything else? "As a centre of oil smuggling, the British-occupied area around Basra is rivalled only by the Niger delta." Number one in corruption in Iraq and number two for oil sumggling in the world!!

It would appear that our local trio of Neo-Labour stooges all want to keep quiet about Iraq and want to keep us quiet about it too.

This makes it the more vital for people to speak out, to say the names of the dead. (Supporters of Bristol Stop The War Coalition will be gathering in the Centre opposite the Hippodrome on Saturday 11th November at 2pm to read the names of the dead of all nations in the illegal war in Iraq.)

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