Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rebel Yell

I found this little snippit in the paper the other day:

Rebels and guerrillas attend Santiago summit

A gathering of 300 Latin American revolutionaries has brought together guerrilla fighters from around the continent for a three-day conference in the Chilean capital, Santiago, to coordinate its fight against US military intervention and celebrate "the US defeat" in Iraq. "If the US loses in Iraq, they will not have the same political capabilities ... to intervene in Latin America," said Chilean guerrilla Jorge Galvez. The three-day summit, which began on Friday, hosted members of the Colombian group Farc and groups from Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.

I have tried to find out a bit more on the summit. I could not find anything else on the issue; I googled, checked the FARC's website, checked Narco News - nothing. Perhaps the summit attendees should head down to Oaxaca to help out?

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