Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shocking Rape Statistics

Recently released figures have shown the shockingly low rate of convictions for rape in the UK. The average conviction rate is now 5.29% - this means that for every 100 reported rapes (and remember there are always more rapes occur than are reported) the number of perpetrators found and convicted is 5. To put it another way, the other 95 people rape somebody and get away without facing justice. This is shocking. Really shocking. The rape conviction rate in 1977 was 32%. OK, so there are more rapes reported now than then because of better reporting procedures, but its still shocking. Figures from 2002 showed that the rape conviction rate is lower than any other form of violent crime. But wait, for this area, the news gets worse. In the South West only Wiltshire comes out above (only just) the shockingly low average. The hall of shame is as follows:

  • Wiltshire: 6%
  • Average: 5.29%
  • Avon & Somerset: 4.7%
  • Devon & Cornwall: 4.01%
  • Dorset: 3.6%
  • Gloucestershire: 0.86%

Did you do a double take on the Gloucestershire figure? No, it is that shit. Gloucestershire, out of 116 reported rapes managed one single rape conviction.

Maybe we should stop paying our police tax and the percentage of income tax that pays for this incompetent (or should I say misogynistic?) system until the rates improve?

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