Thursday, January 11, 2007

Surge to Victory

For the third time in Iraq, Bu$h is going to try the 'surge' option. I can't see why this time it will work. Here's a good essay on why it is going to fail;
In fact, there is no way forward that does not lead out. This, because the mission itself is founded on strategic error. The error resides not simply in the administration's "strategy for victory" in Iraq but, more broadly, in its national security strategy. It is evident as well in the President's rejection of what is best in the Iraq Study Group report: the proposal to diplomatically engage Syria and Iran regarding the Iraq prospect. Indeed, the President's proposal to pump-up Operation Iraqi Freedom with more money and troops is a direct counter-point to the diplomatic path.
So how will it end? will be the Iraqis who end the war. It will be the Iraqis who eventually kill enough Americans to break the U.S. political will, and it will be the Iraqis who sweep away the ruins of the Maliki government to replace it with an anti-American, anti-U.S.- occupation government in Iraq. That is basically how the war in Vietnam ended, and it wasn't pretty.
But, perhaps, just perhaps, the surge and the recent raid on the Iranian Consulate, is just part of the plan to widen the war into one with Iran in the hope that will end the war in Iraq? Sounds crazy, but then the surge is!

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