Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When is a Terrorist not a Terrorist?

One of the insanities on the war of terror is the idea of stopping terror, a dumb concept as I bet most people can't agree on what is and is not a terrorist - freedom fighter/insurgent/terrorist - depends on your point of view. The Nazi's called the French resistance fighters 'terrorists' - I'd call them freedom fighters. On this subject:

Two white supremacists allegedly plotted to go on a national killing spree, shooting and decapitating black people and ultimately targeting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, federal authorities said Monday....It's a horrible and sordid story of idiots with guns, but in scanning the various news sources, there is a curious but obvious word missing — a word that normally our media and government fling about with unscrupulous abandon.

Indeed. I would apply the same logic to the UK and US use of extra-judicial killings in Iraq and beyond - state terrorism. This is also interesting - that Sarah Palin refused to acknowledge the existence of right-wing domestic terrorists in her NBC interview that aired last night.

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Anonymous said...

I don't belong to MVE nor the solimove site, but i'm very sympathetic with the action they made and i'm trying to help then by my means. See the story...

All over Europe, citizens engage into civil disobedience and direct action in resistance against cultivation of genetically modified crops. Only in Portugal, people that have applied this strategy are officially labeled as terrorists. Please help pulling the Portuguese activists out of their isolated position and express your solidarity by signing the petition!

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One year ago, the Portuguese Movimento Verde Eufemia (MVE) went into an action of civil disobedience. In a symbolic but determined act they destroyed less than 1 hectare of the first field of genetically modified corn in the region of the Algarve, previously declared GMO Free Zone by local authorities.

In the days following the action, the wide media attention MVE received instigated a large polemic, resonating into layers of the general public, the environmental movement itself, academics and even the government. Never did any environmental action achieve so much attention in the recent history of Portugal.

The initial media highlights were not so much on the subject of the action, the presence of GMO in Portugal, but rather on the spectacular nature and the illegal aspect of it. However in a second phase attention shifted as well to the debate on GMO, and its dangers. For that reason alone, the action of MVE was considered by many people with environmental concerns as a great success.

Because of that success, the current Portuguese government responsible for a policy in favour of GMO has responded strongly in an attempt to isolate the activists of MVE and other environmental organizations struggling against GMO, through a strategy of criminalization. This strategy came to the point of even labeling the action as a terrorist act (Europol EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2008). Some people that have been brought in relation to the case by the police are therefore facing the risk of being prosecuted within this context of terrorism. In general, it became harder to
act against GMO in Portugal. Individuals or organizations who attempt, run a high risk of being under suspicion and surveillance by authorities.

One year later, the opportunity of the anniversary of this controversial but influential action is used to launch SoliMoVE, Grupo de Solidariedad com o Movimento Verde Eufemia. The objectives of Solimove are:

- To show all actors involved in the debate that the action of MVE is not
an isolated case in the Portuguese historical context, and certainly not in
the current international context, where these types of actions are common,
particularly against the cultivation of GMOs.
- To build understanding of the term civil disobedience, its value as an
active and engaged form of civil society participation, and its necessity in
safeguarding the people and the environment from the threat of genetic
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