Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ooops - BNP Membership Leaked

Bit of a (hahahahaha) fuckup for the racist bonehead BNP as their entire over 10,000 people membership list leaked online:

Yes indeed, somebody now knows every member in Bristol, the South West - and the UK! The leak included full names (and former names where there have been changes for any reason), addresses, contact numbers, email addresses and in many cases the member's age, particularly where those members are under eighteen. Yes, that's right. This list includes members as young as fourteen, male and female.

List list includes 22 former or serving coppers - something illegal for the serving coppers. The wing-nuts are going mentalist on of the their allied forums;

Jesus H Christ! Its true, I've just seen my details. Who in the BNP has done this?

Fuck me, the reds have the list now.

OMG have you seen what has been written by LUAF? What if they give the list to ANTIFA?.....

Will be interesting to see the fall out of this. Some postings on sites are already giving interesting information on occupation of members (cops, soldiers etc.) and numbers;

The list contains 12,215 names (not including family members under 18). By my reckoning of those in the Lancaster area, far more than half were lapsed members by 2007 and do not have a rejoining note attached to their details (ie. they’re still lapsed). There is no reason why the Lancaster area is any different from any other, so as of August 2008 we had only about 6000 paid up members! And this is not an old membership list, the latest entry is dared July 2008. When Griffin claimed (at the EGM) in August this year that the membership was approaching 10,000 he was lying, it’s that simple.



Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed, I've already grabbed the 4 addresses in Southville/Bedminster :)

Anonymous said...

There are now a few photos up online of 'local' BNP activists caught and sent packing in Bemmie last Saturday - http://bristolantifa.org/2008/11/24/gotcha