Sunday, May 16, 2010

Global Warming Scandal! (Not) Daily Mail Fail!

The Daily Fail Hate Mail - owner of our local rag and other media outlets such as Venue and the Western Daily Press continues its ongoing war on logic, science and rationality with this fun effort. There is a graph showing lots of different scientific measurements of temperature that shows the current rise (this is from figure 2-21 from the IPCC's Third Assessment Report):

Now zoom in on one small bit of that graph:

What does the green line show? Well it seemed to be going down? Possibly but hard to tell with this quality of image. So in the absence of any further evidence lets fabricate what we'd like the graph to say:

Go for it Daily Mail! Stick it to the scientists trying to lie to us! Woo! Except that... the chart in the original IPCC report does not show the green line going down. Get a better copy of the image and you can see:

Ooops. So what of the graph to the right of Daily Mail's version? Hmmm... We have no idea - because the current version of the chart (if they'd bothered to look rather than simply relying on dodgy pseudo-science, clearly shows the green line follows the others.

Oops. Daily Fail.

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