Friday, May 21, 2010

International Conference on Climate Change: Many Villages Report Missing Idiots During Event

I wrote about the dumb-ass oil funded 'International Conference on Climate Change' yesterday and I thought I'd take a bit more of a look at it today. Sadly (boohoo) the poor ikle deniers got very little media coverage - what is interested is to look at the coverage they did get... Using Google News I did a search on 'International Conference on Climate Change' to see what there was...

The conservative Faux Fox news covered it (surprise, surprise). It gave solemn coverage to one of the handful of scientists working in the field who don't agree with the consensus, Don Easterbrook. He thinks we're entering a cooling phase, not warming. He said the same thing last year but the predicted cooling has yet to arrive... (Fox didn't mention that.)

The conservative Canada Free Press covered it to complain that the media didn't cover it. But then the Canada Free Press has a regular column by Tim Ball - a well known paid promoter of the agenda of the oil and gas industry rather than as a practicing scientist.

The conservative Newsbusters covered it to complain that the media didn't cover it. But then they were a co-sponsor of the event.

There was a couple of other smaller bloggy things covering it - including the frankly bonkers Prison Planet - the uber-conspiracy website that lauds David Ike, the man who thinks giant lizards are controlling the world - as 'Iconic'. Pricks.

The conservative Telegraph covered it but only because it's resident anti-science blogger was speaking on a panel.

The liberal Guardian covered it - but only to take the piss.

What is also interesting is that most the above media coverage focuses on Don Easterbrook's claim of global cooling. This contradicts many other denialists such as Monkton who thinks nothing is happening because the CO2's ability to push-up temperature is over stated or Ian Plimer who thinks the earth is warming but volcanoes are doing it or Lomborg who thinks that the earth is warming and we're causing it but it won't be a big problem.

But none of the news coverage mentioned that.

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