Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peace is Terror, Protest is Terror

"I'm a terrorist, you're a terrorist - we're all terrorist, la-la-la!" Yes the 'terrorist label is being thrown around to mean not "somebody who uses indiscriminate asymmetric violence to advance a political or religious cause" but "anyone who disagrees with me.." Hmmm:
Eric Blair, a.k.a. George Orwell, is often wrongly thought to have been writing science fiction in his seminal novel, 1984. In fact, he was simply warning about certain tendencies in governmental practice as actually observed not only in the mass authoritarian regimes but often in his own Britain.

Thus, newspeak, whereby the government calls things by their opposite, is an arrow in the quiver of the abject everywhere. So when the far rightwing government of Israel names anti-war peacenik Kenneth O’Keefe a “terrorist”, it is being Orwellian, but only in the sense of behaving as the worst governments typically do in contemporary times, not in the sense of resembling a dystopian future.

Rightwing Zionism is one of the more dangerous purveyors of newspeak nowadays. Former deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz tried to invoke anti-terrorism laws forbidding attacks on US troops to keep peaceful protesters away from US military bases.

And it isn’t just governments. Israeli music promoter Shuki Weiss referred to the rash of cancellations by Western bands such as the Pixies of their scheduled appearances in Israel this summer as “cultural terrorism.” The musicians are protesting the aid flotilla massacre, in which 9 innocent persons were killed and 30 wounded. Come on. I’m not big on cultural or academic boycotts myself, but ‘cultural terrorism?’ How is declining to come a way of inspiring fear in someone? Maybe you could call it cultural passive-aggression. But terrorism?

So, Israeli logic:
The Pixies = terrorists.
Gil Scott-Heron = terrorist.
Peace protester = terrorist.
Aid convoy = terrorist convoy.

FFS - what a crock of shit. See if you can spot the difference...

Tough call.


Chainsaw said...

C'mon - wouldn't you be terrified unto death, and be threatening to replace leaders by force, if the Pixies weren't to show up for a concert?

Seriously. If the Pixies don't play in Israel RIGHT NOW, the entirety of Jewish culture in Israel will be obliterated. How dare they threaten that.

There are plenty of bands that would kill for fans like that. The Pixies just don't know when they have it good.

anarchist said...

What I wouldn't do is equate a band not wanting to play with terrorism. That's a bit low.