Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who Should Buy Blackwater?

Notorious mercenary firm Blackwater is reportedly up for sale. Wired has got a poll going suggesting who might buy 'em...

There are some fun suggestions...

British Petroleum
by Anonymous
Somebody is gonna have to keep all those sunbathers away from the beach.

Salvation Army
by ajl
They haven't been doing enough real fighting.

Cyberdyne Systems
by Adam Rawnsley
Face it, T-1000s are expensive -- you can only buy so many. So who's going to protect Skynet's Ambassadors from human insurgents when there's a shortage of endoskeletons? And with a corporate culture dominated by remorseless killing machines, it should make for an easy transition.

Church of Scientology
by Soy Jism
Talk smack about Xenu? It's on.

by S Nicewarner
Are you SURE you want to download that song?

by Anonymous
Think of how many whaling ships they could sink with their own air force! Give peace a chance...or else!

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