Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Global Warming Debate

This time it's the pompmus Ian Plimer vs George Monbiot. Plimer (wrongly) thinks that global warming is occurring and that volcanoes are causing it. This is in direct contrast to fellow denier Lord 'Snooty' Monkton who (wrongly) thinks that yes humans are altering the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere but that it wont have much of an impact and the little impact it will have will be a good thing.

For a couple of so-called sceptics, they are very un-sceptical of each other; they seem to be happy to hang out together and don't seem to argue about the incompatibility of their relative incompatible positions on the issue. Which again suggests that they are deniers more interested in denial of the mainstream position and less in what is really happening.

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