Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Lomborg Deception

So the anti sceptical environmentalist, as he likes to be known, Bjørn Lomborg - who is really an economist, likes to argue that while global warming is happening, we really should not worry about it too much. He's written lots on the subject and is accountable in that he references his arguments with footnotes... except that his references, if you take the time to read them can mean the total opposite of what he claims they do! The damming concision of somebody who has checked all the footnotes of his book 'Cool It' is damming; that Lomborg is "a performance artist disguised as an academic." Ouch!

One of Lomborg's most interesting claims is that global warming will avert more deaths (as fewer people die of cold) than it will cause. But three of the five sources he cites (including this and this) reached the opposite conclusion ...

This a key point as it does to the heart of the issue - accountability. At least Lomborg gave references that can be followed up and challenged. Most denial you encounter is a type of ranting innuendo that is a million times less accurate and accountable that the IPCC documents they attack.

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