Friday, February 05, 2010

'Climate Flaws' Are a Normal Part of the Process

The Guardian has an article about the fact the once of the climate scientists at the centre of the swifthack was trying to avoid too much scrutiny 'Leaked climate change emails scientist 'hid' data flaws' - this is important news and yes given how much the data and science (rightly) will be scrutinised, he was in a difficult position which he responded to badly. However the denialist are also part of the problem; right-wing oil money mixed with conspiracy theories has corrupted their critical faculties to the point where their shrill bleatings of the same old same old - they have cried wolf so often that they are are simply unable to respond when a real issue around the science arises. We also need to keep this issue in perspective and this is the key point of the article:

The revelations on the inadequacies of the 1990 paper do not undermine the case that humans are causing climate change, and other studies have produced similar findings.

And relating that back to 'Science for Non-Scientists' bit I've been writing, it is clear that the overall theory of global warming is having it component parts being modified as the science advanced - exactly what you'd expect too see - and expect to see more of it - yet all this is against a backdrop of continued strengthening of the theory, for even is new science modifies it, it also adds to it - which strengthens it.

Ignore any drip-shit who knows so little science that they confuse the ongoing (and normal) evolution of a theory with it's fall - not the same thing and not what is happening here.

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