Saturday, March 13, 2010

Climate Scientist Gets Death Threats

Another meme that denialists like to push is the idea that by pointing to the consensus on the science, advocates of good science are trying to 'stop the debate':

I guess for me, a known skeptic in general, I am most amused by the green movement people who are trying to squelch debate by talking of consensus as proof of their theories of Global Warming. If there is proof, then they should definitely point to it. To say, however, that the matter is beyond debate because so many have been convinced is a nonstarter. It makes me wonder what they know. Are they trying to stop debate out of fear that the data will reverse direction as it did in passed pursuits of great theories of the past.

See: by pointing out that, other than around three credible voices, the scientific community all are all pretty much agreed on the science, we are trying to 'stop the debate' - this is normally followed by a reference one one of the flawed lists of '1000s' of scientists who disagree with the consensus. (The above post has got it logic-knickers in even more of a twist by suggesting that the consensus is proof of AGW - errr no, the proof is what creates the consensus...). Why pointing out the fact that other than around three credible voices, the scientific community pretty much agreed on the science stops debate is never explained. However what is often missed by the same crowd is the nasty and aggressive tone taken by denialists who love to put the boot in and threaten scientists...

"I have hundreds" of threatening emails, Stephen Schneider, a climatologist at Stanford University, told Tierramérica. He believes scientists will be killed over this. "I'm not going to let it worry me... but you know it's going to happen," said Schneider, one of the most respected climate scientists in the world. "They shoot abortion doctors here." This backlash against the evidence of climate change and the scientists themselves is not just a U.S. phenomenon. It is happening in Canada, Australia, Britain, and, to a lesser extent, in Europe and elsewhere.

Yikes! I am sure that we can agree that threatening people will stifle debate, so where are the voices from the denialosphere condemning those making death threats? The same right-wing pundits that demanded that Muslims condemn any/all actions by militants seem to not apply the same standards to their own supporters...

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