Sunday, March 21, 2010

The War on the Poor

I was listening to some tunezzz today and I came across this quote by the lead singer of the great band Fugazi:
"I want to talk to you about the war, I want to talk to you about the war, not the war in the middle east. The war in the middle city, the inner city, the war against the poor... Washington DC over 700 people were killed last year. This is a war worth fighting."

The war in the middle east was not the current Iraq war or proxy wars in Gaza or Iran. This was spoken in 1990 and the war was the first gulf war under the first Bu$h. But as time passes, sadly little changes: the more unequal society is, the more the poor suffer, the more all suffer. (Out of interest there is a book on this 'The Spirit Level' who's authors are up for a prize in Bristol, there are some other good books in the list, but this is best IMHO.)

Here's the video too:

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