Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tories sabotage anti-poverty bill

Like a wolf in sheep clothing, the Tories are trying to be positioned as the 'nice party' and not the 'nasty party' but it is hard for them to keep all the tentacles in the box. A party that has more than it's fair share of closet racists, anti-science climate change denialists and other wingnuts. Now we can add the sickening spectre of the Tories killing a bill to stop 'vulture funds' where developing nation debt is brought and sold then used to lever more cash from the poverty-stricken country into the hands of grasping financiers. Plus the duplicitous way it was done to hide the identity of the individual doing the wrecking is pretty sickening too:

The frustration has been compounded by the secrecy surrounding the events in the Commons last night. During the reading, three Tory MPs were seen to huddle together on the benches before one shouted the word "object!", which under parliamentary procedure effectively stopped the bill passing. Three Conservatives were in the chamber – Christopher Chope, Andrew Robathan and Simon Burns – but none has admitted intervening.

Nasty. So who did it? Who's going to own up to the nasty act? Nobody so far, but Chope seems to be getting the finger pointed at him. We should be told.

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