Friday, March 19, 2010

Even more Crazy Comments

YouTube comments are notorious for being bonkers (and nasty).

So it is no surprise to find bonkers-to-the-max comments... Imagine if you believed what they commenters claim at face value - all from a video discussing global warming:

nalcon1: Al Gore is the same guy that said he invented the internet. This zero to do with science and everything to do with global control over private industry. China and Russia are sitting back waiting for this to become global law. Goodby free world, hello communism!

Right; so global warming is about Al Gore promoting communism and assisting China and Russia, who are looking to use new global laws to spread communism. Got it.

BruceLeeKickYoAss4: The CROOK HYPOCRITE nazi U.S is trying to SCAM the world's developing countries again. Half of these fascist SPOILED ameriKKKans are driving the trucks and SUV that suck gasoline like the hungry whores, while they bulsittt lecture the developing countries about polution. The nazi U.S's scam tricks in this climate talk are: 1) To SLOW developing countries(China...) from progressing and become stronger. 2) Sell its so called "green technology" to developing countries at INFLATED price.

What? So it's not China and Russia nor communism, but the opposite. It's about the US trying to keep third world countries like China and Russia down so the US can promote fascism? Got it.
Zile77: Global Warming is the biggest bunch of B.S. ever invented. It is a total hoax created to literally force people to cough up more money... for NOTHING! Ever hear the song, "money for nothing"? Al Gore and all the globalist nutjobs should go to Alaska to see if the icebergs are melting. THEY'RE NOT. Yes, some do for a few days in summer, but it's natural, not man made. The lies of the left are getting a lot of folks really pissed off now, so they'd better be careful. Oblama is just a con man liar.

What??? So now Al Gore is not working for China and Russia but is instead working for the Globalists. So now it's not the US vs China and Russia but all countries the US, Russia and China must be under threat from the Globalists?

Man, conspiracy theories are hard work.... it's almost as if crazy people are making things up...


Ben said...

The whole communist conspiracy thing is getting really bizarre since some of the most world's voracious corporations, including Monsanto and even Exxon are publicly acknowledging the reality of global warming. So if the conspiracy is real, then free-market capitalism is actually a communist conspiracy against itself.

anarchist said...

I know what you mean; I had people telling me that global warming is driven by the New World Order, I then ask if GW Bush is part of the NWO, to be told "of course" then I ask why it was he opposed global warming... no answer...

sam said...

There is plenty of evidence discounting man made global warming and incriminating the staff at UEA. I'm not trying to spoil your environmental movement but you should beware of Carbon Taxing as this has nothing to do with environmentalism and everything to do with making money.

If you examine historical records CO2 levels follow global warming and don't lead it. The medieval warm period was much warmer than now. CO2 levels have been much higher during much cooler periods in the past. Solar activity plays a larger part in global warming - solar winds push away cosmic particles from entering our atmosphere and starting the process of cloud formation; so increased solar activity > less clouds > warmer planet.

Ridiculing climate skeptics is just childish and un-scientific. You don't need to cling to man made global warming to justify greener lifestyles.

anarchist said...

Wow Sam, you seem to have got most of the popular denailist myths in that little post.


Ridiculing climate skeptics is not only childish and un-scientific - it's also so easy (and fun!).

Anonymous said...

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