Friday, March 12, 2010

Is There No End to the Stupid?

If we could turn stupidity into energy then we would solve all of the worlds energy problems. If we could turn stupidity into energy then denialism would be new Saudi Arabia. Why? Read the comments on any global warming thead and the gish-gallop of stupid and shit is staggering. Take this thread in the Guardian for example, reading though it there is sooooooooo much shit on offer...

MMGW activiists are demanding the destruction of our way of life, while we are handing over hundreds of billions of dollars in payments to third world dictators.

I assume MMGW is Man Made Global Warming? As for the rest of it - fuck me, what shit - but lets go with it, yes I demand the destruction of my way of life and I demand billions go to the Burmese junta this instant! Or else...

This one is great fun, it is a complex rehash of the 'humans are too puny to change the climate' argument but in a New Age styleee;

A dualist separation between Man and Nature implied by AGW opposes philosophies such as Advaita Vedanta. AGW is an offshoot of Individualism, which is in turn is rooted Judeochristianity and Aristotelian physics... In Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, the problem with dualist thinking is that of identification which prevents a person from seeing reality; especially identification with a false Ego and notions that one can somehow "do" something. According to these philosophies, it is indeed impossible to "do" anything at all because one is a slave, not merely to one's own body, but to every passing event, every environmental stimulus, every cognitive impression, every mood, every whim.... AGW is merely a particularly absurd form of individualism which presupposes that Man as a species can "do" something about immeasurably greater global forces.

And ten people recommended it!! Jesus wept into his Marmite. There is loads of this 'show me the evidence type stuff:

Some sort of proof - please, anything! - that man made CO2 drives temperatures. (So far - there's not one paper, any where. Not one.)

This is like the moment Dawkins is telling the crazy-woman from 'Concerned Women of America' that the evidence for evolution is in the museum down the road, but noooo that's not good enough for her. She repeats show me the evidence and when it is shown, refuses to look.

There is tonnes of evidence. To answer that particular point: CO2 drives global temperatures and human CO2 is the main issue.

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