Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Call to Arms
I am seeing more and more information about peak oil arriving in the media. Not is a major sense, and often from an odd angle, but here's Heinberg, author of 'The Party's Over' issuing a call to arms over Peak Oil: Oil is a finite resource - and the decline of world oil production is predicted to occur anytime within the next 30 years. To avoid the worst-case scenario, we must begin today to reduce our dependence on oil. Clear and to the point.


milililili kaewth said...

capital will be able to handle the problem without resorting too much to renewable resosources (wind, solar, bio-fuels) which makes this topic kinda moot for social change. Right now they're 1% and they +might+ reach 10% in the future, barring any catastrophic calamity that brings down all other alternatives. They will go for coal or nuclear way before good alternatives, just because they're more much more capital-generating. Plus the gov't. gives mucho munny for building contracts of nuclear plants and (when they finally and completly fuck the EPA) coal burning plants.

So the point becomes why should I give a shit about peak oil when it will just be a generative crisis within capitalism?

anarchist said...

Good question. My reply would be that the end of the age of oil offers a unique opportunity when the military force that maintains the current status-quo will be unable to sustain itself and new possibilities can evolve - but only if we look for ways to live outside it now. Capitalism is a high energy system - in our low energy future, we have hope for a just and sustainable world.